Auditions for: Agatha Christie’s ‘The Hollow’ 29th April 2019 @7pm


Auditions for the next play will be held at the mayor’s parlour in Issigeac, 29th April, 7 pm for a PROMPT start at 7.30.

‘The Hollow’ by Agatha Christie is a classic Whodunnit.
A group of family and friends gather in a country house for the weekend.  One is murdered. 4 or even 5 of the others have possible motive, means and opportunity.
So Whodunnit?
Enter Detectives from Scotland Yard to solve the mystery.

Cast as follows:

Sir Henry Angkatell
Lady Angkatell(his wife and also a cousin!!)

Henrietta Angkatell
Edward Angkatell  (Next generation of cousins from different branches of the family)
Midge Harvey

Dr John Cristow (Weekend visitors)
Gerda Cristow (his wife)

Veronica Craye (a neighbour)

Gudgeon (the butler)
Doris (a housemaid)

Inspector Colquhoun C.I.D.
Detective Sergeant Penny.

There are lots of parts, different ages, so we look forward to welcoming lots of people to the audition.
If you cannot come that evening but are interested please let Joan Wall know.

Tel: 05 53 74 28 11