Why is MADS not using Issigeac?


Firstly, we are not moving away permanently from Issigeac.

The Chateau has been closed by order of the Commission de Sécurité in Bergerac, as a complex dossier of health and safety issues has yet to be resolved and the security commission decided that until these issues are resolved the Chateau will remain closed to all users.

Although there will no doubt be a great deal of speculation we can confirm that the Chateau has NOT ben condemned and will be reopened soon.  What is at this time not clear is how long the steps (already progressing) to resolve the matter take.  Clearly MADS is disappointed that we cannot use the venue we have come to call ‘home’, but we will have to be patient.

So be prepared for MADS to go ‘On the Road’ during the next few months.